After publishing a teaser last month, Pininfarina and GreenGT have unleashed the H2 Speed concept which is being envisioned as a hydrogen-powered race car.

The name of the concept is self-explanatory for anyone with basic knowledge of chemistry as “H2” is the chemical formula of hydrogen gas. Pininfarina has added the “Speed” suffix to denote this is a high-performance vehicle destined exclusively for track use.

The sleek body comes as a result of comprehensive testing to achieve a high level of aerodynamic efficiency and also superior performance while emitting only water vapor. Pininfarina took inspiration from previous racing cars, but added a futuristic twist by coming out with a vehicle described as being halfway between a competition prototype and a production supercar.

GreenGT was in charge of developing the powertrain which uses two race-spec electric motors working together with a lightweight fuel cell and a brake energy recuperation system. The company has been developing alternative propulsion systems since 2008 and says the compressor technology used in the H2 Speed concept gives it a unique soundtrack compared to other EVs.

According to GreenGT, the company has managed to develop the most powerful electric-hydrogen fuel cell powertrain group in the world. It motivates the H2 Speed concept which at the same time demonstrates Pininfarina's vision of a futuristic alternatively-powered track car.

The Pininfarina H2 Speed concept is being displayed starting today at the 86th Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Pininfarina

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