Citroën has teamed up with fashion house Courrèges for a very white conceptual version of the E-MEHARI.

Towards the end of last year we saw Citroën reviving the “Méhari” moniker for an all-electric vehicle co-developed with the Bolloré Group. Now, for the upcoming Geneva show, the Bolloré Bluesummer convertible-based E-MEHARI has received a predominantly white theme from Courrèges.

The four-seater cabriolet has a dash of bright orange here and there to complement the white appearance. Citroën has replaced the rear hoop with two side straps to free up space while a rear flap opens to reveal white leather luggage with bright orange vinyl trim.

The E-MEHARI by Courrèges comes with a Plexiglas roof featuring a frosted finish and has a white leather upholstery. Inside there’s a single-spoke, monochromatic steering wheel, leather-lined floor with white mats, and several orange accents.

The Citroën E-MEHARI concept by Courrèges will be showcased at the 86th Geneva Motor Show starting Tuesday.

We remind you the regular model is slated for a market launch this fall and will be assembled at PSA’s factory in Rennes, France. It will be powered exclusively by a 67-hp electric motor working with a 30-kWh battery.

Citroën mentions the electric open-top model will have a range of up to 124 miles (200 kilometers) and a top speed of 68 mph (110 kph.) A full recharge of the battery will take 13 hours from a 10A socket and eight hours when using a 16A socket.

Source: Citroën

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