Fiat has published a digital teaser of its upcoming Tipo SW set to bow in Geneva in a couple of days.

We were expecting to see the five-door hatchback first, but it seems Fiat has decided to come out with the wagon version instead and most likely it will be on display in Geneva starting Tuesday. The official teaser comes to confirm what we have seen already in spy photos showing it will be a quite attractive wagon.

The boomerang shape of the taillights will have more in common with the hatchback rather than the already available Tipo sedan. These will extend onto the taillights and should make the wagon look pretty sweet, but not as nice as the attached teaser wants us to believe. A rear wiper will obviously be added on the production car while the wheels won’t be as large as depicted in the teaser.

Technical specifications are already pretty much known as the Tipo SW (name not confirmed) will get the sedan’s pair of naturally-aspirated 1.4- and 1.6-liter gasoline units. The more frugal turbodiesel 1.3- and 1.6-liter MultiJet II duo will also be available. Depending on which one you choose, Fiat will sell the Tipo SW with a choice of five- and six-speed manual transmissions along with a six-speed automatic.

Wagon buyers are mostly interested in the trunk’s capacity and in this case it should be at least 19.4 cubic feet (550 liters). Keep in mind this is only an estimation based on the fact the sedan has 18.3 cu. ft. (520 liters) with the rear seats up.

We will have all the details very soon as the Fiat Tipo SW is expected to premiere on Tuesday at the 86th Geneva Motor Show.

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