This fresh gallery of photos provides a look at the upcoming Porsche 911 Hybrid in sporty GTS trim, according to our spies. Compared to recent pictures of the electrified model, this one wears more camouflage on the front fascia and rear end.

In front, Porsche fits this car with quite an aggressive fascia. There are wide inlets on each side with three horizontal bars and vertical strakes behind them. Small fog lights attach to the outer portion of each side. Black tape covers portions of the nose, which suggests at least some of these elements are just placeholders.

Gallery: Porsche 911 GTS Hybrid Spy Photos

Along the side, this 911 rides on center-lock wheels with a mismatched design. The pieces in front have five pairs of spokes. At the back, they have 10 spokes.

Through the window, you can see that the driver is in a racing seat, and there's a roll cage. Don't expect the production version to have these components. It's not clear whether this car has rear seats. They were absent from an earlier development vehicle.

At the back, this 911 has a heavily concealed bumper. There are small openings on the lower part of each side. The reflectors stick out from angular protuberances. It's hard to see, but there are two exhaust outlets near the center. One of them has a metallic finish, and the other is black.

There are only a few details about the 911 Hybrid's powertrain like that there are motorsport-derived components. It's not a plug-in system. Based on previous statements, the company plans to tune the electric assistance for power, rather than efficiency. If this version like the existing 911 GTS, then the Hybrid GTS would have a bit more output than the standard version.

The 911 Hybrid debuts soon, according to Porsche Italia CEO Pietro Innocenti speaking to Italy. Although, the exec didn't offer a specific date for the unveiling. Sales could begin as soon as 2023 as part of Porsche's range of refreshed 911 models.

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