Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is introducing a six-speed DSG for the Caddy TGI BlueMotion.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is introducing a six-speed DSG for the Caddy TGI BlueMotion.

A first for the segment, the Caddy is now being offered with a natural gas drive system combined with a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The TGI BlueMotion was up until now available exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission, but from now on an optional DSG is joining the range. You can get this hardware combo in either the short wheelbase or Maxi versions.

The Caddy and Caddy Maxi TGI BlueMotion both share high-pressure compressed natural gas tanks mounted under the floor, so cargo capacity is not affected at all. The Caddy can haul up to 3,200 liters while the Caddy Maxi is capable of carrying as much as 4,130 liters. The regular Caddy has four canister-shaped steel tanks holding 26 kilograms (57 pounds) of CNG and the Caddy Max has five of them which have a combined 81.5 lbs (37 kg.)

Powering the Caddy TGI is a 1.4-liter engine based on VW’s TSI motor and in this application it develops 108 horsepower (81 kilowatts) and 147 pound-feet (200 newton meters) of torque. Not like it matters a lot on this type of vehicle, but the manual version as a city delivery van or passenger car will top out at 108 miles (174 kilometers) per hour. The equivalent DSG-equipped version can do 107 mph (172 kph.)

More important is the combined natural-gas consumption of 9 lbs (4.1 kg) / 100 km for the Caddy and 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg) / 100 km for the slightly heavier Caddy Maxi. VW says the short wheelbase model has a maximum range of around 391 miles (630 km) in pure gas mode while the bigger version should be able to cover as much as 534 miles (860 km) thanks to that extra tank.

The VW Caddy TGI BlueMotion DSG kicks off at €21,010.00 net (€25,001.90 gross) for the short panel van at home in Germany. Keep in mind the Caddy can also be had in a more rugged Alltrack version offered with both types of transmissions.

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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