The folks over at have digitally imagined the next-generation Land Rover Defender in a variety of applications.

The folks over at have digitally imagined the next-generation Land Rover Defender in a variety of applications.

Even though the classic Defender was recently phased out, an all-new model won’t be out in the near future as the latest gossip indicates a successor has been pushed back until 2019. Regardless of its market arrival, expect the new Defender to be once again a very versatile vehicle capable of fulfilling a multitude of jobs in a wide variety of applications.

Here we have five renders of the next Defender showing the legendary off-roader in several guises. For example, the Queen Elizabeth II Edition is based on the 110 wheelbase model in crew cab configuration and painted in Land Rover blue with a contrasting white roof. It seems the Queen likes to keep it simple which is why she opted for steel wheels while up front there’s a winch in case the vehicle gets stuck in mud.

The second design proposes a Riot Control version dressed in the police’s fluorescent livery and equipped with auxiliary lighting and a siren. It also gets bulletproof body panels and windows for extra protection, along with grilles on the windscreen and headlights for additional security. This version has been envisioned with a heavy-duty cooling system allowing the engine to idle for longer periods and power all the on-board equipment necessary to maintain order.

Up next is the SAS Pink Panther derivative that sees the next Defender as a military vehicle without many body parts as a way to shave off weight. It gets a roll cage and can host a heavy machine gun along with the necessary ammunition bags and sand ladders. Up front there’s a spare tire while on the sides there are extra fuel cans necessary for longer journeys. Shovels and sand bags have also been added to make sure the Defender will be able to escape from just about any sort of predicament.

As for the Camel Trophy version, it's a hardcore off-road Defender with an upgraded suspension and very grippy off-road tires. On top it hosts a rack holding a canoe along with several extra parts in case something goes wrong. There are also supplies which can prove to be vital on journeys far away from civilization. It also gets a beefy winch, a hood-mounted spare tire, and additional lights on the roof to provide increased illumination while tackling rough roads during the night.

Last but not least, the Defender Twisted Edition is a tuned version created by the UK aftermarket specialists at Twisted Automotive. It comes finished in a matte black paint and has a wide mesh front grille along with diamond-plate black hood trim. The vehicle also gets large black alloy wheels with on-road tires while the side exhaust tips unleash a powerful soundtrack coming from a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine.


2019 Land Rover Defender rendered for various tasks