Our friends and colleagues at OmniAuto.it are already thinking about the next-generation 1 Series which they have speculatively rendered.

BMW gave the 1 Series a massive facelift about a year ago, so it will be a while until Bavaria’s smallest model will make the switch to the next generation. A brand new 1 Series hatchback won’t come out sooner than late 2017 / early 2018, but even so OmniAuto decided to try and predict the future by rendering the car.

The proposed design is more refined than the current 1 Series and shows a more mature five-door hatchback with styling cues adapted from its bigger brothers. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing many of these design traits on the new model and probably that will happen given BMW’s rather predictable design language evolution.

Styling aside, the new 1 Series will be vastly different than the current car as it will ride on the UKL platform shared with the 2 Series Active Tourer. This means it will eschew the current RWD setup in favor of a FWD layout, but select engines will be optionally linked to the xDrive system.

It should be mentioned the hatchback won’t actually be the first 1 Series-labeled model to get a front-wheel-drive system as the 1 Series Sedan due later this year will have it. However, it’s unclear at this point whether the sedan will be a global model. BMW keeps saying it’s a China-only affair, but probably it will be sold in North America and in Europe as well to compete with the Mercedes CLA and Audi A3 Sedan.

To get an idea of how the next-gen 1 Series hatchback will look like, the aforementioned sedan will probably serve as an accurate reference.

Source: OmniAuto.it

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