A rare Aston Martin DB10 has managed to fetch a whopping £2,434,500 (about $3.48M) at an auction organized last night by Christie’s.

Aston Martin made just ten units of the DB10 and all of them were specifically built for the latest James Bond movie. However, only two of them remained untouched as the other eight were modified for Agent 007. Aston Martin is keeping one of the standard DB10s while the other was just sold for the staggering sum of £2,434,500 ($3.48M) to a buyer who wished to remain anonymous.

Signed by Daniel Craig, the DB10 sold by Christie’s last night smashed the original estimate of £1M ($1.42M). This is good news since all of the money is being directed to the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) which is a medical humanitarian organization.

It’s important to mention the Aston Martin DB10 is not eligible to be driven on public roads, but that probably won’t matter to the owner. Many of these rare cars are purchased nowadays purely as an investment. Since this is the one and only DB10 offered for sale, you can imagine that its value will only go up in the years to come. As a consequence, don’t be surprised if the person who bought it will eventually decide to sell it for a nice profit.

Source: Christie’s

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