Opel has released additional images of the Geneva-bound GT concept which features a completely buttonless interior cabin.

It really doesn’t have any conventional buttons and knobs as Opel wanted to make the cabin as pure as the body. At the same time, this simple yet futuristic layout emphasizes the concept’s ultra-low weight of less than 2,204 pounds (1,000 kilograms).

The instrument panel is made from brushed aluminum and has a floating design while its extremities host round monitors shaped to resemble air jets. These serve as a replacement for the conventional mirrors and provide footage obtained by the side cameras.

The steering wheel has a retro-flavored design as a nod to the original Opel GT while the red seatbelt retractors follow the theme of the front tires which are also colored in red. All of the concept’s functions are accessible via voice control and also from the central touchpad. Opel says the human machine interface (HMI) is adaptable, so the car will automatically adjust itself based on the person behind the wheel.

Interestingly, the two round dials of the instrument cluster are actually projection surfaces that can be backlit in several colors and show a variety of information. These are basically an evolution of the ones seen in the stunning Monza concept and can be configured individually according to the driver’s preferences.

Unfortunately, it’s all just for show as Opel does not have any plans to put the GT concept into production. That’s too bad as it would have turned out to be a pretty sweet coupe with a 145-hp turbo engine wrapped in a light body. Even though it’s only a turbocharged three-cylinder motor, it still has enough punch to enable the concept hit 62 miles (100 kilometers) per hour in less than eight seconds before topping out at 133 mph (215 kph).

We will have live images of the Opel GT at the beginning of next month when the concept will be exhibited in Geneva.

Source: Opel

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