Audi has introduced a new quattro all-wheel-drive system which features ultra technology.

Set to debut on the Audi A4 Allroad, the new all-wheel-drive system is designed to be more efficient than previous systems without sacrificing traction or driving dynamics.

In order to accomplish this, the all-wheel-drive system has been equipped with an assortment of sensors that continuously monitor road conditions, vehicle data, and driver behavior.  When the system detects that all-wheel drive isn't necessary, the all-wheel-drive system will automatically disconnect and the model will be powered exclusively by the front wheels.

Every ten milliseconds, the system analyzes an assortment of data to determine if all-wheel drive is needed.  The activation of the all-wheel drive system follows a three-stage strategy which includes proactive, predictive, and reactive functions. The first two stages activate the all-wheel-drive system before it is needed, while the latter stage "rarely occurs in practice" but activates the four-wheel-drive system when the car encounters a sudden loss of traction such as when the car hits an icy patch of road.

Audi says the new all-wheel drive system helps to reduce fuel consumption as tests have shown models equipped with the system consume about 0.3 liters/100 kilometers less fuel than conventional systems.

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