China-based Techrules has announced plans to introduce an all-new electric supercar concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Designed to revolutionize the "performance and environmental impact of future electric vehicles," the model will have unique Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) system.  The company was coy on specifics but said the system "incorporates several technological innovations that deliver unprecedented advances in both whole-life environmental efficiencies and dynamic performance."

That's pretty vague but Techrules says the mysterious concept will produce 1,030 horsepower and have a range in excess of 1,242 miles.  If those numbers pan out, the concept will be one of the most powerful and efficient electric vehicles ever created.

Little else is known about the concept but the teaser image appears to show two different models that feature a rounded front fascia with LED headlights.  The two cars also appear to have unique wheels with low profile tires.

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