The collaboration between and Mercedes-AMG is probably one of the weirdest out there. But even more peculiar is the product of that partnership that's officially known as the WILL.I.AMG. The one-off vehicle started its life as a Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe but was given a strange face-swap with a Mercedes G-Class.

Announced back in May, the result is a curious-looking coupe that looks even weirder up close, thanks to an up-close walkaround video by MercBenzKing. There's so much to talk about this unique build, though we can start with those responsible for making it possible.

Gallery: WILL.I.AMG The Flip

West Coast Customs, the popular outfitter that gained notoriety through MTV's Pimp My Ride, made the WILL.I.AMG. Otherwise known as "The Flip," this latest collaboration with was the sixth project West Coast Customs has worked on with the 47-year-old rapper.

Standing as an ornament to that squarish front fascia is a bear logo that houses Merc's three-pointed star emblem. The logo is likewise found at the center of all four wheels – all to promote the "Bear Witness" limited-run apparel and accessories collection.

And of course, you shouldn't miss the rear-hinged doors of The Flip, which reverted the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe into a proper coupe with two doors.

The interior changes aren't extensive (except for the extra long doors), as are the updates at the rear exterior. With the exception of the panoramic glass roof with a center isle, the carbon fiber trims, Alcantara liners, and WILL.I.AMG-branded floor mats and door sills, there isn't much deviations applied in the cabin. The engine bay is likewise unchanged as well, which is a good thing.

The Flip made its public debut at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. The project may look unconventional but know that it was made for a good cause. Specifically, the proceeds from the Bear Witness collection Drop 1 – Limited Edition will benefit the artist's Foundation, with the aim to reach out to disadvantaged youth and inspire them to achieve greater things.

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