Not terribly dissimilar to the recently refurbished bob sled by Lotus, here's a project slightly out of character by Audi which strives to reflect the brand's design genes in an object that is not associated with a car; enter the Audi soccer table (aka foosball in North America).

“Every product created by the Audi Design Team should be recognizable as such without looking like an adapted vehicle”, remarked Carsten Monnerjan, Head of Concept Design Munich. “Abstract characteristics are translated so as to give a product that typical Audi look but without actually turning it into a car.”

One year in the making, the Audi Design soccer table was a collaboration from the Audi Product, Interior, Color and Equipment design departments.

“We have accomplished an exciting design study in the Audi soccer table – and it even looks good upside down!” declared Monnerjan in praise of the Design Team’s work.

What would normally be considered inanimate is transformed into an elegant and modern design object. In fact, Audi goes as far to imply that the design forecasts other future Audi products and shapes!

However, don't run to your local Audi dealer just yet, because the Audi Design soccer table is only a one-off piece.

Audi Foosball Table