The Acura Integra is back and earlier this year, the automaker launched the production version of the hatchback for the North American market. Now, this begs the question – is Acura also bringing back the Integra Type S? We'd like to believe so, although there's a possibility that a prototype has already been spotted.

That piece of news came from YouTube's Allcarnews, which received a set of spy images from one of its followers who caught the prototype in Ohio. The photos allegedly show an Integra Type S while testing on public roads. Despite the lack of confirmation from Acura, the recent introduction of the new-generation Honda Civic Type R definitely strengthened the case for a hotter Integra.

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Of note, the new Acura Integra that made its debut in March 2022 was largely based on the Honda Civic Si. The more powerful Integra Type S could take from the Civic Type R, and there are signs from the alleged prototype that point in that direction.

First off, the tri-exhaust tips at the back that's unmistakably taken from the Civic Type R. You'll also notice the aggressive diffuser at the rear, along with the red brake calipers (presumably Brembos), and the wider openings on the front bumper.

While these things give us a hint about the coveted Integra Type S, Acura hasn't confirmed anything just yet. The only confirmation out there was the live trademark for the Integra Type S branding, but that was for apparel and headwear rather than for a car.

As for power, we won't blame you if you'd expect the alleged upcoming Integra Type S to be at least as powerful as the new Civic Type R. That means at least 315 horsepower (235 kilowatts) and 310 pound-feet (420 Newton-meters) of torque coming from the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-pot mill.

Again, nothing's confirmed at this point but we'll keep our ears on the ground. You may want to keep those fingers crossed for now.

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