Semi-trucks carry all sorts of goods across the country, and it's not surprising that these big rigs occasionally wreck on the road. What sometimes raises our eyebrows is seeing what these heavy haulers dump onto the highway. The perfect example comes from a recent crash on Interstate 40 in Oklahoma City. To put things as delicately as possible, boxes of personal massagers and intimate lubricant spilled to block an exit ramp.

Before you feel bad about laughing at this situation, you should know there are no injuries resulting from this crash. The only damage is to the semi, two nearby box trucks, and the intimate goods littering the road.

The video above shows the segment about the crash from News 9 in Oklahoma City. The reporter in the helicopter deserves credit for how he delivers the crash news to the anchor. He keeps to the facts. When the other person asks what's on the road, he briefly goes silent before zooming into the interstate. The guy lets viewers make up their minds and says he doesn't know what's down there.

According to KFOR News 4, the cleanup effort is now complete. Judging by the video, most of the adult toys remained in their individual boxes and some of the containers holding them were still closed. 

Since they were in plastic bottles, not much of the lubricant leaked onto the road. This is for the best since that stuff is not easy to wash off by design.

A recent spill of jars holding alfredo sauce in Memphis, Tennessee, showed how nasty a spill on the interstate could be. In that case, authorities shut down all the lanes in one direction and several going the other way. Imagine how much worse that would have been to clear from the road with lube rather than pasta sauce.

In terms of grossness, this spill ranks fairly low but, it's funny to see marital aids and lube littering the road. On the other end of the spectrum, there was the case in April 2019 where a semi caught fire and 15 tons of frozen TV dinners spilled in Sacramento, California, resulting in a nasty mess.

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