In the very first Fast and Furious film, Dominic Toretto tells Brian O'Conner he owes him a 10-second car. In response, O'Conner delivers a thrashed-out Toyota Supra that, with an orange paint job and some flashy graphics, arguably becomes the vehicular star of the movie. We never learn just how fast it really is, but the yellow Supra in this video is most decidedly a 10-second machine. Actually, it runs in the 9s.

It's also the undisputed star of this short drag racing clip, posted recently to the Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube channel. We're treated to five races at Florida's Bradenton Motorsports Park, all featuring the Supra battling a string of tough competitors. We don't know what modifications are at play for any of the cars featured here, but save for a Tesla Model S Plaid that shows up at the end of the video, it's safe to say none are remotely stock.

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That becomes abundantly clear with the first race, featuring an old Lexus SC 300. The irony of the matchup isn't lost on us, given the 2JZ engine Lexus shared with the old A80 Supra. It sounds like the infamous I6 is still under the hood, as the side-by-side race is a six-pot symphony from both cars. The Lexus runs an impressive 9.82 seconds in the quarter-mile, but it's not quite enough to beat the Supra's 9.68-second pass.

A green Audi TT RS is the next challenger, and frankly, we'd love to see the modification list for this ride. It reaches 144 mph in the quarter-mile, well beyond that of a showroom stock model. It's actually a bit faster than the Supra's 143-mph trap speed, but time is what matters here and the Supra goes nearly a half-second quicker in the quarter, dipping down to 9.62 seconds.

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Race number three sees a Ford Mustang in the opposite lane, and it's a similar story to the Audi. The Supra goes 9.52 seconds to 10.06 for the 'Stang, but a follow-up race is considerably closer. However, it appears the action shifts from open racing to a 9.50-second shootout. It's similar to a previous drag racing clip we featured from this track, where cars going faster than 9.50 seconds are disqualified. The Mustang runs 9.90, but the Supra slows to only a 9.81 elapsed time.

That brings us to the final race, and yes, it's against a Model S Plaid. These cars are capable of running under 10 seconds straight from the factory, and in this showdown, the Tesla driver leaves the starting line with a notable advantage. Can the Supra catch up and claim a victory for internal combustion? It's a very close finish that we'll leave to the video, so you can enjoy the thrill of fast heads-up racing without spoilers.

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