Renault revived the 5 model in January last year when it unveiled a concept previewing a production vehicle with the same name. The electric machine was described as a prototype rather than a concept and now the French automaker prepares a new version of the same car. It will be unveiled during the Paris Motor Show later this month and we have the first teaser images.

Renault shared three photos of the new show car and they reveal a sporty-looking three-door hatch with a giant fixed rear wing at the back. From what we are able to see, the Renault 5 concept receives a new hardcore aerodynamic package with wider fenders, new bumper diffusers, extended side sills, and super wide wheels. Everything looks very promising so far.

Gallery: Renault 5 new concept teasers

The manufacturer says this new concept comes just in time for the celebrations of the Renault 5’s 50th anniversary. The prototype that will be displayed in Paris will serve as “a contemporary tribute to its most legendary sports versions” and the company is most likely referring to the Renault 5 Turbo. Built between 1980 and 1986 in two generations, this hot hatch is still regarded as one of the greatest cars Renault has ever made. 

The modern reinterpretation, Renault says, is purely electric and takes inspiration from the world of video games. Unfortunately, there are no specifications to come with the teaser images, though the firm says the Renault 5 concept will “combine outstanding exuberance with high-level performance.” 

Just a few days ago, we spied a Renault prototype and we believe it was hiding the production version of the 5 under what seemed like a Clio mule. The new electric hatchback is believed to be launched as a replacement for the Zoe, which is expected to remain on sale for a few more years. In order to beat the urban EV, its replacement will have to deliver more than 283 miles (383 kilometers) of range on a single charge. This second Renault 5 concept could serve as a preview of a potential performance version based on that production vehicle.

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