Nissan has released a new video that highlights a Datsun 1600 which was recently acquired by the company.

The truck was originally purchased in 1971 by Marvin Askew who paid a little over $2,000 for the model.  Marvin drove the truck for over four decades and racked up approximately 150,000 miles.

While Askew loved the truck - nicknamed "Sweet Pea" due to its color - a chance encounter would see it sold to Nashville businessman Dan Tito.  As the two owners explain, Tito was at a local gas station when he came across Askew and his truck.  The two talked for a couple of minutes and Tito inquired about purchasing the model. Askew said he would think about it and a few weeks later the two happened to run into each other again. 

Knowing Tito would take car to the truck, Askew finally agreed to sell his beloved Datsun. However, Tito realized he didn't have enough room for the truck in his garage so he reached out to Nissan who purchased the model and put it in the company's Heritage Collection where it now resides.

Gallery: Nissan highlights 1971 Datsun 1600 [video]

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