By: David Gruz, Special contributor

Rally Sweden has been given the green light to take place, but with eight stages being cut from the route after threats of cancellation.

The second event on the WRC calendar appeared to be under threat after unusually warm weather and rain melted the ice from the road, making the use of the mandatory studded tyres dangerous.

However, it was announced on Monday that the rally will go ahead on a revised route, with the total number of stages cut from 21 to 13.

The pre-event shakedown and Thursday’s opening superspecial stage in Karlstad has been cancelled, postponing the start to Friday, which also sees the two Kirkenaer runs axed.

On Saturday, the morning version of Rammen and the afternoon stage of Fredriksberg will not be used, along with the Hagfors Sprint.

However, the famous Colin's Crest jump, featured on the Vargasen stage, will stay on the route.

Finally, Sunday’s two stages of Lesjofors and Varmullsasen will both be only used once, which includes the Power Stage.

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