By: David Gruz, Special contributor

The organisers of Rally Sweden have announced that the 2016 edition of the event faces possible cancellation due to warm weather conditions.

The combination of high temperatures and rainfall have been causing the snow and ice to melt, presenting an issue for the WRC calendar’s only rally on this surface.

”It’s frightening how quickly the weather and the forecasts can change,” Glenn Olsson, CEO of Rally Sweden said.

”We had a good layer of ice on our roads and promising forecasts this Friday. Now the situation is significantly changed.”

”There is below zero temperatures and even snow in the forecasts for the rally weekend, but the big question is if the roads will re-freeze - because we need frozen roads to be able to hold the event,” added Route Manager Johan Magnusson.

The rally is to be contested on special studded tyres, which means frozen roads and a layer of snow are essential for the competitors - as well as for the drivers of the rescue vehicles.

Stig Rune Kjernsli, Clerk of the Course, stated: ”It is first and foremost the safety of the competitors and the spectators that decides if a stage is run or not. If we find the road dangerous, we cannot use it.”

Organisers are expected to make a decision over the cancellation of the event on Monday.

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