Unless Chrysler is planning to drop the biggest plot twist in the history of motoring, you can expect to hear about the return of the Chrysler 300C later this week. That's not to say a Pacifica Hellcat wouldn't be interesting (and hilarious), but the latest teaser pretty much ends all speculation. The Chrysler 300C is coming back for one more romp with a rowdy V8.

We previously mentioned the 300C as a possibility, based on some sleuthing we did with an earlier teaser photo from Chrysler. The latest photo is similar, showing a close-up of a wheel with a red Brembo brake caliper behind it. But this time, the photo comes with C curiously mentioned in the text.


At this point, the only thing left is to suss out exactly what's under the hood. Perusing the comments in Chrysler's social media posts, it's clear that folks are eager for some supercharged Hellcat action. The boosted 6.2-liter engine has graced vehicles from Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, so there would be some nice symmetry to see it in a Chrysler, if only for a fleeting moment. It's certainly not off the table, but using the naturally aspirated 6.4-liter seems more likely at this point.

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For starters, there's been nothing in the teasers to suggest the Hellcat V8 is imminent, and that feels like something tease-worthy. Using that engine would likely require some modifications and strengthing to the 300's body, and the investment might be too much for a limited-run sedan. Meanwhile, the 6.4-liter V8 is familiar territory for the 300, as it was used in the SRT from 2011 through 2015. The engine currently makes 485 horsepower in the Dodge Charger / Challenger Scat Pack models, and there's no reason to think it would make any less in the 300C.

Presently, the range-topping 300 is the 300S with a 363-hp 5.7-liter Hemi V8. Whether the 300C gets a Hellcat or the 6.4-liter engine, it should be a nice curtain call for the long-running, full-size sedan. We will get full disclosure on the evening of September 13, when Chrylser reveals its new special-edition model to the world. You can catch all the action here at Motor1.com.

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