Finding the right camper is hard. There are countless companies and numerous potential designs and layouts, but sometimes building your own is the way to go. That's what Jim did in the new Tiny Home Tours YouTube video above, fabricating a custom pop-up truck bed camper for his 1987 Jeep Comanche.

The camper has everything you'd expect to find – ample storage, a massive 85-liter fridge, a two-burner stove, and much more. It lacks a bathroom, but this entire build is crammed onto the Jeep's back. A deep sink provides extra storage, as do the two seating areas. One is at the back while the other is on the camper's passenger side, and both hide large storage cubbies.

The Comanche camper features a pass-through into the truck's cabin that is sectioned off from the rest of the camper with a curtain. The ample seating area doesn't transform into the bed – that drops down from the ceiling. It sleeps two, measuring narrower than your typical queen-size bed, but it's longer than standard at around 7.5 feet.

On the outside is an outdoor shower, a propane tank, and a ladder to reach the roof, which is also home to a pair of 100-watt solar panels. The entrance operates like an airline door, with the steps built right into the split-opening entrance. The six-gallon water heater uses the truck's engine coolant to warm the water, producing water around 180 degrees Fahrenheit, although it depends on the engine coolant temperature. 

Jim built several custom pieces for the truck, including the front bumper and a roof storage rack that houses recovery gear and a spare tire, even though he does not consider himself a fabricator. He built the all-aluminum camper in his driveway. The truck also has a winch on the front bumper. 

The camper looks excellent on the back of the Jeep, providing a quality living area without breaking the bank on something all-new. More people are venturing out with camper vans, trailers, and other mobile living spaces, and there are countless ways to get out there to have fun.

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