After spotting the Mercedes-AMG C43 Cabriolet the other day, our spies have caught on camera a prototype of the flagship C63.

The extensive body camouflage is redundant taking into account the Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet will look pretty much the same as the C63 Coupe. It will obviously eschew the fixed metal roof in favor of a fabric top and will also come with the usual AIRSCAR neck-level heating and AIRCAP air-deflection systems.

While the C43 we mentioned earlier has a 362-hp biturbo 3.0-liter V6 engine, those willing to pay more for the C63 Cabriolet will benefit from a larger biturbo 4.0-liter V8. In the standard C63, the motor will be good enough for 469 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The range-topping C63 S will up the power ante to 503 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque.

In "S" guise it will be able to complete the sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in four seconds. We are making this assumption by taking into account the slightly lighter coupe completes the task in 3.9 seconds.

Mercedes has already confirmed the C Class Cabriolet will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show next month. As it was the case with the coupe, the cream of the crop C63 edition will probably be revealed from day one.

In terms of pricing, the C63 Cabriolet will be more expensive than its fixed roof sibling which kicks off at $63,000 in United States and from €77,826 at home in Germany.

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