Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to participate in an ambitious new project which aims to ensure future autonomous vehicles drive like humans instead of robots.

As part of the initiative, JLR will give employees of Greenwich access to a fleet of specially equipped Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.  The models will be outfitted with an assortment of sensors that will record the real-world driving habits of countless people.

JLR will use this information to discover natural driving behaviors and the driver's decision-making process.  In particular, employees will be looking at several scenarios including how drivers give way at roundabouts and intersections, how they ease forward at junctions, and how they react to an emergency vehicle coming up from behind them.

This information will be used to develop advanced autonomous driving systems that can mimic the behavior of human drivers.  The company says this is important as drivers are more likely to trust autonomous vehicles if they don't drive like robots.

Information gathered from the project will also be provided to insurance experts who will help to develop insurance policies for future autonomous vehicles.  This has been a lingering question about autonomous vehicles as lawmakers and insurance companies have to determine who is responsible when a vehicle is involved in an accident when driving in autonomous mode.

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