Emissions regulations are getting tougher – especially in the EU – but Mercedes crunched the fleet numbers and figured out the AMG GT Coupe can keep its throaty V8 engine. Much like its SL 55 and 63 roadster siblings, the version with the fixed metal roof will have a twin-turbo 4.0-liter unit with nearly 600 horsepower. With the SL being a grand tourer and the GT a more focused sports car, expect the latter to prioritize performance over comfort.

Ahead of its official reveal slated to take place in the coming months, we can see the second-generation AMG GT Coupe in its natural habitat, at the Nürburgring. Those prototypes are definitely rocking a big ol' V8, which is something we can't say about test vehicles of the upcoming AMG C63 as the super sedan will have a hybrid four-cylinder setup.

Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Spy Shots

Speaking of the M139 engine adapted from AMG's "45" compact cars, it'll be interesting to see whether the SL 43 will have a coupe correspondent with the same 2.0-liter turbocharged mill. Logic tells us the peeps from Affalterbach are also planning to bridge the gap between the four- and eight-cylinder GT and SL models with a derivative equipped with an inline-six. At the top of the food chain, a plug-in hybrid V8 should pack over 800 horsepower.

Getting back to the prototypes at hand, it looks as though at least one of the prototypes had rear-wheel steering. That's not all too surprising since the outgoing AMG GT Coupe has this feature as well and we've also seen it in the new droptop SL. Mercedes' 911 fighter already looks sleek despite the camouflage extending onto the active rear spoiler.

Fully variable all-wheel drive is on the menu, as is a nine-speed automatic transmission, mild-hybrid technology, and a sophisticated suspension with front double wishbones and a rear multi-link. Despite switching to a different platform, weight distribution is unlikely to be dramatically different than the 47:53 ratio of the current coupe.

The overall styling should be of a coupe-ified SL, and the familiar theme will continue inside the cabin. However, the roadster's posh cabin bathed in leather will adopt more carbon fiber and sporty touches to better suit the GT's status as a track-focused machine. Of course, the biggest change over its predecessor will be the adoption of a 2+2 layout whereas the current car comes only with two seats.

The new generation should be out in 2023 exclusively as a coupe since the roadster has been retired now that the SL uses the same underpinnings as the GT. The PHEV V8 range topper is probably going to be added to the lineup further down the line to compete with Porsche’s already confirmed hybrid 911

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