Alfa Romeo is dusting off Caimano concept and announcing plans to showcase the car at the Bremen Classic Motor Show.

Originally unveiled at the 1971 Turin Motor Show, the Caimano concept was created by Italdesign at the request of Alfa Romeo.  The concept is based on the Alfasud and was never intended for production so Italdesign was free to create a radical design that has been deemed a "wedge on wheels."

The concept is extremely aerodynamic and features pop-up headlights, a forward-opening glass dome, and a roll bar that is hidden behind the B- and C-pillars.  The model also has an adjustable rear spoiler with four different positions which can be selected from inside the cabin.

The interior itself is a little crapped but occupants will find "basin seats" with built-in head restraints.  Another unique feature is a cylindrical dashboard with two large instruments gauges.

Despite featuring futuristic styling, the Caimano concept was powered by a 1.2-liter four-cylinder boxer engine that was sourced from Alfasud.  It produced just 67 horsepower.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo dusts off the Caimano concept

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