The menacing Mercedes G Class Light Armored Patrol Vehicle is back in a new set of spy images to haunt your dreams.

Even though the iconic G Class is several decades old, the legendary off-road vehicle is alive and kicking and is not going to be phased out in the near future. As a matter of fact, an extensive facelift is apparently due to see the light of production day in 2017. Until then, Mercedes is getting ready to launch a new Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle which will likely end up being a more hardcore version of the armored G Wagon LAPV 6.1.

Spied near the Arctic Circle, the prototype is probably based on the high-riding G 500 4x4², but with a heavy-duty suspension, side steps, bigger wheels, off-road tires, and recovery hooks. Even though this particular prototype lacks body armor, the final version will most definitely have it.

While this batch of spy images doesn’t show the interior, the previous one revealed a spartan cabin as you would expect to see from a military vehicle. The prototype must’ve been in an early testing phase as there were a lot of wires sticking out along with a monitor and other provisional testing equipment.

Don’t expect to see the upcoming Mercedes G Class LAPV at a car show since the model is not destined for commercial use.

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