Mini has been known to introduce several special edition models for its cars, and that's in addition to the bevy of customizations one can employ to their vehicle upon purchase. Among those you can customize, Mini's roofs are usually where owners can express themselves in various ways (such as the 26-color striped version of the Mini Paul Smith).

Last year, the British automaker introduced the Multitone roof that featured three colors, put together in a gradient fashion. Now, the automaker has extended that offering and turned it into a full-blown special edition model called the Multitone Edition.

Gallery: New Mini Multitone Edition

Unlike the Multitone version last year that's endemic to the roof and the Cooper SE, the new Multitone Edition comes with exclusive design elements in the exterior and interior. The special edition model is also offered for the 3-Door Hardtop, 5-Door Hardtop, and Clubman.

The Multitone roof starts from the front windscreen frame up to the rear. However, Mini changed the colors it uses to Aspen White in the front, Melting Silver II in the mid-section, and Jet Black in the rear. For what it's worth, we think this looks better than the bluish hue of the previous Multitone roof.

As mentioned, the Mini Multitone Edition comes with details that are exclusive to the special edition model. These are found on the side scuttles, C-pillar, and wheel caps on the outside. In the cabin, the Multitone lettering and rainbow emblem are found on the door sills and the floor mats, as well as across the dashboard – on the sun visor, steering wheel, and the customized key cap.

Mini claims that each Multitone Edition vehicle is unique, albeit, in a subtle way. To achieve this, the company employs a wet-on-wet painting process wherein the three color shades are applied directly one after the other. Due to changing environmental conditions, variations in the color pattern may occur.

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