Aston Martin is celebrating the release of Spectre on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD by announcing plans to auction off one of the DB10s that was created for the movie.

Set to go under the hammer on February 18th at Christie's Auction House‎ in London, the model is one of two "show" cars that were created for the movie.  This particular car was shown at the world premiere of Spectre and has been signed by Daniel Craig who played James Bond.

The car is billed as the one of the rarest DB models ever created by Aston Martin and is the first DB10 to be offered to the public.

The car features a carbon fiber body and a luxurious interior with leather seats, carbon fiber trim and aluminum accents.   The model also has a 4.7-liter V8 engine that is connected to a six-speed manual transmission.  It enables the car to hit an estimated top speed of 190 miles per hour.

Given the fact that the car will become a highly prized collectible, it has been painstaking authenticated by Aston Martin Works Assured Provenance.  As part of this process, the car has "undergone a digital scan which has been verified and held in a secure archive for future reference."

The DB10 is expected to sell for over £1,000,000 ($1,424,250) and proceeds will benefit the Médecins Sans Frontières which is a medical humanitarian organization.

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