The recently introduced 2016 Mercedes E Class has been virtually transformed into a liftback version to compete with BMW’s controversial 5 Series GT.

Mercedes recently announced plans for an E Class lineup expansion by adding an All Terrain version which will compete with the Audi A6 allroad quattro. Since the company seems to be interested in filling every possible niche out there, why not make a new derivative to take on the BMW 5 Series GT? Theophilus Chin imagined a hypothetical E Class GT with a more practical liftback body style and a fatter back to enable a roomier trunk.

BMW was heavily criticized for its 5 Series GT mostly due to the bulky rear end, but sales must be decent taking into account there’s going to be a new one. Although it’s not exactly popular in Europe, demand in China has prompted BMW to green-light development of a second generation which judging by recent spy shots will look better.

Getting back to the render at hand, it proposes a sleeker approach as the rear end isn’t as massive like on the 5 Series GT. This means trunk capacity isn’t significantly bigger compared to the regular 2016 E Class Sedan, but the liftback opening is way more practical as you can squeeze in taller items.

Taking into account there is a market for such a niche model, perhaps Mercedes should have a go at it?


Gallery: Mercedes E Class liftback rendered as BMW 5 Series GT rival

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