The sixth generation of the Ford Mustang is nearly over, but Roush isn't done with the pony car just yet. New spy photos capture a stunning Mustang wearing a bright silver finish and sporting wide fender arches. It's a new Roush model called the P-51B, and our spy team caught it completely uncovered in public with Jack Roush himself checking things out.

We can confirm this is, in fact, a new Mustang Roush P-51. Look closely at the fender and you'll see a badge in the outline of the famous P-51 World War II fighter aircraft for which the car draws inspiration. The P-51 shape is also featured on the faux fuel cap at the back of car, but if you're still not convinced, please draw your attention to exhibit C on the quarter panel. Just behind the actual fuel cap, you'll see P-51B clearly stenciled in bronze. It doesn't get any clearer than that with spy photos.

Gallery: Ford Mustang Roush P-51B Spy Photos

What do we know about this fighter-themed Mustang? The badges, fender vents, and wide wheel arches are clearly visible. It looks like side scoops will replace quarter glass behind the door windows. New side sills connect the flared fenders, and a Mach 1-style chin spoiler is prominent up front. Our spy sources say it will only be available in Vapor (silver) with a Tuscany leather interior.

This shouldn't be just an appearance upgrade, however. We can see what looks like a Roush-branded intercooler behind the front fascia. Previous Roush-tuned P-51 models featured supercharged V8 engines, with the most recent from a few years ago dishing up 727 horsepower. There's no reason to believe this ground-based Mustang won't pack at least that much firepower if not considerably more. The current Stage 3 Roush makes 750 hp, and in 2020 the Jack Roush Edition Mustang made 775 hp. Will output for the P-51B go beyond that?

Ford will debut the all-new seventh-generation Ford Mustang on September 14 at a major event ahead of the 2022 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It's unknown if the Roush P-51B will arrive before or after that event, but either way, the wait shouldn't be long.

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