After debuting the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept in April, the brand finally unveiled the interior during Monterey Car Week at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The automaker calls the cabin's styling language "the Beauty of White Space." It's supposed to be largely minimalist but with strong design elements punctuating the appearance.

The driver sits in an asymmetric cockpit with a center console that arches upward to meet the binnacle over the instruments. Brushed metallic trim on this architectural element covers the side that faces the pilot, which makes the piece especially eye-catching. While it's hard to see in these photos, there's an angled touchscreen infotainment display on the console.

Gallery: Genesis Unveils X Speedium Coupe Interior

The driver seat, instrument surround, and portions of the console have Pinegrove Green leather, which is a particularly dark shade. The rest of the cabin is Monterey Gold. The color combo creates a distinct contrast between the two sides of the interior.

Two types of leather cover much of the cabin. The upper portion uses a new, breathable-grain material that uses less water and lower levels of chemicals to make than usual. The rest of the upholstery is vegetable-tanned hide. The steering wheel features woven leather using pieces salvaged from covering the seats. The threads holding everything together are repurposed plastic.

Genesis collaborated Guk-il Yu, the boss of the high-end audio equipment maker Metal Sound Design, to craft the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept's stereo. The design touches include tweeters on the dashboard with milled aluminum covers

Genesis X Speedium Coupe's cargo area has X-shaped straps. The company says this detail is a nod to its Mint Concept from 2019.

Gallery: Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept

The exterior of the concept doesn't change compared to its previous display. The vehicle is a large, grand-touring coupe with an electric powertrain. The nose features two illuminated elements that create a version of the shield-like grille from other Genesis models. In profile, you can really get a sense of the long hood and arching roofline.

We don't yet know whether Genesis intends to adapt the X Speedium Coupe concept into a production vehicle or if the model is purely a design exercise to preview the future design language. The automaker's lineup currently lacks a two-door offering.

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