Honda's Civic Type R has received the aftermarket treatment from a couple of tuners for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.

The show kicks off today featuring a multitude of customized JDM models and as you would expect the latest and greatest Civic Type R is on display. Mugen is a top player when it comes to modifying Civics and for this year’s edition of the Tokyo Auto Salon it created a more aggressive styling kit for the Type R.

Work started on the front fascia where there’s a custom bumper featuring a beefier splitter finished in black to contrast the satin white body. Other black bits and pieces have been added as well, including the wider side skirts and a new rear wing lighter than the standard version.

The changes made by Mugen are purely visual as the mechanicals have remained untouched. It’s the same story with Modulo’s variant that comes with a slightly different body with flared side skirts, a new fuel filler cap, and some red accents.

Keep in mind that even though the Civic Type R was launched only last year, work on the new model is well underway and is expected to come out in the summer of 2017.

Also on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon is Honda Racing’s Super GT500 NSX CONCEPT-GT along with several iterations of the petite S660 roadster.

Source: Honda

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