While DeLorean was showing off its Alpha5 to the folks at Pebble Beach, the company offered a glimpse of two other interesting concepts at its nearby DeLorean House. The Alpha5 Plasmatail 2024 and Omega 2040 offer visions of the near and distant future for the brand. Given the names, does this also signify the beginning and the end of the reborn automaker?

We'll leave such interpretations to others and instead just focus on the vehicles, which are extremely different in execution. The Alpha5 Plasmatail is essentially a shooting brake version of the Alpha5, and yes, it will go into production alongside the coupe in 2024. Considering the Alpha5 already features a stretched fastback design, the Plasmatail doesn't look much different. The roof has a shallow slope that connects with a more upright rear hatch.

Gallery: DeLorean Alpha5 Plasmatail Concept 2024

As a result, the rear pillars are slightly taller, but the rest of the car looks like a standard Alpha5. Yes, that includes the gullwing doors, and from what we see in renderings, the rear hatch could be hinged well into the roof to create a properly large opening.

As for the Omega 2040, it's not headed towards production. According to DeLorean's website, the Omega 2040 concept depicts a new vision for the company that represents the next generation of DeLorean design. Considering the current-generation DeLorean has entered production yet, looking forward to 2040 is a pretty bold step but the company is certainly ambitious. And the Omega is plenty bold, with its design rooted in Baja racing. We hesitate to call it a pickup truck since there's no bed, but it's not a typical SUV either. There aren't even side windows, but as far as we can tell, it does have gullwing doors.

Gallery: DeLorean Omega Concept 2040

DeLorean also showed "old" concept vehicles during Monterey Car Week in the form of the Alpha2, Alpha3, and Alpha4. Depicting a fictional history where DeLorean never went bankrupt, the concepts offer a lead-up to the Alpha5. However, those concept cars were presented in a scale-model format, whereas DeLorean showed up with full-size versions of the Plasmatail and Omega. That could be a clue of the company's ambitions to move forward with the Plasmatail and at least investigate some measure of the Omega in the years to come.

As stated, DeLorean has confirmed the Alpha5 Plasmatail will enter production with the coupe in 2024 but other details such as price or production numbers aren't available just yet. In the meantime, learn about more recent debuts in the gasoline and electric world in the Rambling About Cars podcast, available below.

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