When you think you've seen everything, this short clip comes along to remind us life can still surprise us every now and then. It's safe to say this Golf R from the previous generation has had better days as rear visibility is largely obstructed by the crushed roof. We're curious to know what happened to the hot hatch since the lower sides of the vehicle are seemingly intact. Whatever went wrong, the car is seemingly in good mechanical condition.

Save from the bent pillars and the sagging roof, the all-paw compact performance machine appears untouched, albeit we can't see whether it has sustained any damage at the front. The car was spotted on the streets of Barcelona in Spain and someone sitting in the passenger seat of a car behind decided to capture the peculiar Golf R on camera. It's safe to say that whoever was behind the steering wheel of the VW was likely hoping he wouldn’t run into a police squad.


While we can all agree that a new swoopy Scirocco coupe would be nice to have in VW's portfolio, that's not the way to do it. Getting the car back into shape is going to cost a pretty penny as we assume some of the airbags were deployed when the roof suddenly became a large piece of metal origami. Hopefully, the Golf R is still worth saving, although we'd be worried about the body's structural rigidity following what must've been a violent impact.

Of the plausible scenarios we can think of, a tree or some kind of object fell onto the car's roof. Less likely is that the Golf fell from a bridge or a car trailer and ended with the wheels facing the sky. The folks over at Periodismo del Motor who sent us the tip tried to find out what happened but ended up with bubkis. We do know the car was seen in Vic, Catalonia, and appears to be the facelifted Golf R Mk7.5 judging by the graphics of the LED taillights.

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