The BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction concept is back in a set of real images from the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Even though there’s no sign of a production-ready i8 Spyder, BMW has introduced two new concepts at CES based on the original 2012 concept. One of them is the Vision Future Interaction which as you can see comes without doors to draw attention to the interior which previews the cabin of the future.

The real gem is a massive 21-inch panorama screen on the passenger side acting as a display for the entertainment system once the autonomous driving mode is activated. Besides touch input, the driver can also utilize the infotainment through gesture controls thanks to built-in sensors interpreting hand movements. As a matter of fact, the driver doesn’t even have to look at the screen, so he will be able to keep his eyes on the road when driving the car.

On the left side of the steering there’s a control to change between the available driving modes: pure drive, assist, and auto. When pure drive is selected, the vehicle will focus on providing optimal performance, while in assist mode it’s going to rely on networking functions to figure out the shortest journey time by using live traffic information. As for auto, this is basically the concept’s autonomous mode in which the car drives itself without any human input.

If you are still waiting for an i8 Spyder that you can actually buy, we remind you BMW chairman Harald Krüger hinted last month the model will eventually be offered. However, he didn’t provide an exact timetable, so it’s not known at this point how much longer we’ll have to wait.

The BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction concept will be on display at CES until tomorrow alongside the i8 Mirrorless concept. As the name implies, it’s an i8 coupe that eschews the conventional mirrors in favor of cameras.

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