DMC has given the Mercedes G Class AMG lineup a complete makeover by adding more power matched with a full carbon fiber wide body kit.

DMC has given the Mercedes G Class AMG lineup a complete makeover by adding more power matched with a full carbon fiber wide body kit.

It’s 2016 and the G Class is still alive and kicking which is why tuners are still finding ways to customize the desirable off-roader. DMC is the latest example and it’s now introducing a “ZEUS” package tailored to the G55, G63, and the flagship G65 AMG version with its mighty V12 engine. The motor of the latter has been overhauled and now comes with new pistons, connecting rods, bearings, crank shaft, cylinder heads, and many more. As a result of the changes, the twelve-cylinder unit is capable of generating a massive 880 horsepower.

The custom body kit has been installed on a G55 AMG, but DMC tells us it’s compatible with basically all G Class models offered by Mercedes since 1979. According to the tuner, it’s the widest G Class out there and all of the aftermarket components are made from carbon fiber painted in the body’s color.

This particular vehicle sits on a set of huge 24-inch forged aluminum wheels teamed up with Pirelli Scorpion tires. Other goodies include extra LED lighting, carbon fiber spare wheel cover, and a restyled interior with new upholstery and different trim. DMC mentions sky's the limit in terms of cabin customizations and you can even go for ostrich leather if you fancy that.

Source: DMC

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