Truck cab-over campers are great. They do not take up so much space, especially when compared to separate campers that needs to be towed. And they can still add extra functionality to the truck especially useful during camping trips. There's one issue with traditional pickup campers, though – they usually take up extra vertical space.

But what if there's a new truck camper that looks like a regular topper but expands to a self-contained camper? That's what the Skinny Guy Campers is all about, courtesy of CEO Jason Bontrager and Designer Donovan Fredrickson.

Gallery: Skinny Guy Self-Contained Topper Camper

Just like a regular camper shell, the Skinny Guy Campers doesn’t exceed the height of the truck's cab. To the untrained eye, it looks like a typical topper. However, it expands through a 180-degree foldout with a pop-up tent housing the living space.

Described by the company as a "self-contained overland truck bed campers with heat, light, water, and power," the product comes with available options such as an internal cooktop, a sink with hold/cold water, a Truma Combi Eco 14,300-BTU furnace with integrated hot water heater, a refrigerator, a 5-gallon on-board LPG tank, a Red Arc Battery Manager30, a PrimoLoo internal flushing toiler, and an integrated solar panel up to 190W.

The video atop this page should demonstrate how the Skinny Guy Campers fold out.

The Skinny Guy Campers is available in various sizes that virtually fit any pickup truck, though the readily available models are 5.0 (midsize) and 6.5 (full-size). Some model sizes are yet to arrive in 2023, including a Rivian R1T-specific model 4.5.

Pricing, however, depends on the four trim levels. The base Bare Bones package starts at $15,625, while the Skin 'N Bones has a sticker price of $18,750. The more equipped Skinny Fat package sells for $28,750, while the top-spec Kit 'N Kaboodle retails at $36,250, which includes every option mentioned above, and then some. 

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