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The Consumer Electronics Show continues as BMW has taken the wraps off the i3 Extended Rearview Mirror and i8 Mirrorless concepts.

Starting with the i8 Mirrorless concept, the model's side mirrors have been replaced by two rearview cameras which are mounted on aerodynamically optimized holders. The concept also has a third rearview camera that is located on the upper edge of the rear windscreen.

The images from the three cameras are combined into a single image that is displayed on a high-resolution screen that replaces the traditional rearview mirror.  BMW says the resulting image provides a greater viewing angle than can be obtained from traditional interior and exterior mirrors.

The use of a digital rearview mirror also enables warning signals to be displayed when appropriate.  As an example, the mirror can warn drivers who are about to change lanes that a vehicle is approaching in the intended lane.

Besides introducing the i8 Mirrorless concept, BMW unveiled the i3 Extended Rearview Mirror concept.  The company didn't have much to say about the model but confirmed it has a camera mounted on the roof of the vehicle. Images from the camera are overlaid on the interior mirror to "significantly" extend the driver’s field of vision.

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