Volvo and Microsoft have joined forces to offer a service that allows drivers to talk to their cars.

The two are introducing what we describe as being the 2016 edition of KITT allowing Volvo owners to speak to their cars using Microsoft’s Band 2 connected wearable device. Using this gadget, drivers are able to remotely instruct the car to lock the doors, start the heater, flash the lights, sound the horn, and even fiddle around with the navigation. To do that, you’ll also need the Volvo on Call mobile app that provides access to the car's functions via voice control.

This is more than just for show as Volvo and Microsoft will actually offer the technology starting this spring, but keep in mind Volvo on Call is available in select markets. These are: US, UK, Poland, Russia, Canada, China, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Brazil.

As a reminder, Volvo and Microsoft demonstrated late last year a number of different uses for Microsoft's HoloLens, world’s first fully-untethered holographic computer. It can serve as a high-tech car configurator and can also be useful for designers to check out their designs as they take shape. The two companies point out that it can also be useful for factory workers to see real-time info about the parts being installed.

Source: Volvo

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