Kentucky is famous for Bourbon County and that area's renowned variant of whisky. A different alcohol-related drink plagued Interstate 71 in the state on August 10, though. A semi-truck hauling cases of Bud Light beer tipped over on an exit ramp and dumped cans all over the road.

The crash happened at around 8:50 AM local time as the semi-truck was taking the I-71 ramp onto the Gene Snyder Freeway, according to WLKY News. Photos showed a massive pile of beer cans in the median.


The driver of the semi-truck suffered no injuries. He was able to climb out of the vehicle on his own. However, there were traffic delays while first responders cleared away the cans of beer littering the road. By about 10:00 AM the Interstate lanes were open again.

Some of the cases of beer reportedly didn't break open. The cardboard cases and aluminum cans probably kept the highway from actually being covered in beer. Although, we wouldn't expect to see any of them in your local grocery store's refrigerator anytime soon. After over an hour of sitting by the side of the road, you'd need to be desperate to pop the top of any of these warm beers. has covered plenty of incidents where semi-trucks dumped stuff onto the road.  We have seen chocolate, milk, and even TV dinners covering various roads. Imagine how awful the smell was of those things sitting in the hot sun before emergency crews were able to clear the lanes.

Earlier in 2022, a truck illegally hauling 500 pounds of marijuana crashed in Missouri, scattering packs of weed along the road. Usually, this would have just been mildly amusing, but it happened on April 20 – a day closely associated with marijuana consumption.

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