By: Jonathan Noble, Formula 1 Editor

With stable regulations and Formula 1 teams mindful of the looming revolution coming for 2017, few are expecting any huge design innovations when the new cars hit the track in Barcelona next month.

In fact, as F1's latest regulations enter their third year, we are likely to see a convergence of designs as teams pursue common paths – like short noses – that have been proven to deliver the best results.

But one area of intrigue that will likely get tongues wagging at the first Barcelona test will be on exhaust designs – with the new extra tailpipes introduced for this year offering teams some scope for innovation.'s technical editor Giorgio Piola highlights in the video below the minor changes in the regulations that are coming on board for 2016.

There are extra head protection regulations for drivers – which will be identical on each car as it is mandatory for safety reasons.

However, it is at the rear of the car that some interesting choices may be made as teams have to make a decision on how to incorporate the extra tail pipe. revealed back at the Monaco Grand Prix that teams have been working on a solution to ramp up the noise following complaints from fans.

The solution approved by the FIA is to have separate exhaust pipes for the turbine and the wastegate – with teams given the option of having either one or two wastegate exits.

Article 5.8.2 of F1's Technical Regulations states: "Engine exhaust systems must have only a single turbine tailpipe exit and either one or two wastegate tailpipe exits which must all be rearward facing and through which all exhaust gases must pass.

"All and only the turbine exit exhaust gases must pass through the turbine tailpipe and all and only the wastegate exhaust gases must pass through the wastegate tailpipe(s). None of the tailpipes may be contained within any of the other tailpipes."

The FIA has included regulations to specify where the exit of the exhausts can be on the car, in a bid to prevent the return of blown diffusers.

However, as the video shows, there are several different ways of approaching the design – and if one team finds a way of cleverly blowing exhaust gases on to some aerodynamic parts it could deliver a performance benefit.

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