Continental’s CEO, Elmar Degenhart, has made an interesting statement as he predicts the VW scandal could ultimately kill diesel-powered cars in United States.

Speaking to German daily Boersen-Zeitung, the man in charge at Continental estimates diesels could be phased out not only in the United States, but also in Japan and China. He went on to specify that in these countries, diesels currently have a market share of one to three percent compared to Europe where 53% of cars run on diesel.

Degenhart reiterated a company statement made last October in which Continental said it did not supply VW with software specially designed to manipulate emissions. He added Continental gave VW the engine controllers as per the automaker’s specifications, but installation and calibration was done exclusively by VW. As a consequence, Continental isn’t involved in any legal investigation related to the Dieselgate scandal.

As for rival company Bosch, it’s currently being investigated in Stuttgart by the public prosecutors to identify whether the company had anything to do with VW’s manipulation of emissions tests.

On an unrelated note, Degenhart estimates it’s only a matter of time before electrified cars will become the norm, including hydrogen vehicles. However, the price must fall from the current $272 - $326 below $109 per kilowatt hour of storage capacity in order to allow electromobility truly become generally available.

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