California-based EV company Alpha Motor Corporation introduces a new collaborative overlanding and camping concept setup. Called the Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform (CAMP), the concept features brands like Rolling Stone Korea, Free & Easy, DMOS Collective Inc., Equipt Expedition Outfitters, Onyx Coffee Lab, KC Lights, and Black Rhino Wheels.

The vehicle to carry the CAMP site is based on the Alpha Rex – a pure electric SUV that was introduced back in May. Heavily modified to complement the outdoor motorhome experience, the Adventure Series Rex SUV comes with tubular doors with Racing Red DSMO Delta Pro Shovel.

Gallery: Alpha CAMP Overlanding Concept

Meanwhile, the rear cabin of the Rex SUV has been removed and reinforced with a rigid triangular bed bar. There's a large cargo basket on the roof that can store up to two 42L Alubox aluminum cases by Equipt Expedition Outfitters, while the front is equipped with a line of Gravity LED PRO6 Light.

The Adventure Series Rex is an off-road-ready SUV that measures 1720 millimeters (68 inches) tall, 1900mm (78 in) wide, and 4828mm (190 in) long, standing on BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM3 Tires wrapped around 17-inch Black Rhino Fuji Wheels.

Meanwhile, the CAMP setup has a teardrop trailer in tow, which has an assembly outside that involves a grille set, foldable picnic table, and a yurt with textiles matching the rooftop tent. The fabric walls of the yurt are removable which opens the inner space to nature. Inside the airy yurt is a plush California King Size platform bed.

At this time, the CAMP site is a special one-off collaborative concept project and is available as renderings. When asked whether the company is making a physical one-off CAMP site for an in-person experience, a representative told us that Alpha is planning on it. However, a definite timeline hasn't been set as of yet.

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