Nissan shows the fastest way to remove Christmas ornaments [video]

Putting away Christmas decorations is always a tedious task but thankfully Nissan has released a new video which shows us how to remove Christmas ornaments in record time.

Dubbed "Undecorating the Tree with a Nissan GT-R," the clip is pretty self explanatory as it features a dad completing his Christmas-themed honey do list.  The last item to be checked off involves removing ornaments from the Christmas tree so he enlists a little help from a Nissan GT-R.

The rest is a classic viral video as the dad hooks the tree's lights up to the GT-R and then floors it.  This causes the tree to spin, sending ornaments and candy canes everywhere.

If you don't have a GT-R at your disposal, you might want to wait until next year to get one as the company is working on an updated model.  The changes are expected to be minor but could include a retuned suspension, a revised steering system, and additional sound deadening material.  It is believed these tweaks will create a more comfortable and upscale driving experience.

Source: Nissan via Car & Driver

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