Porsche is about to unveil the new 911 GT3 RS very soon but the 911 GT3 is still a machine that deserves the attention of Porsche enthusiasts and fans. Techart, the German tuning company that modifies all sorts of Porsche vehicles, has a new aerodynamic package for the sports car and it relies heavily on carbon fiber. There are other upgrades also worth talking about, but let’s see what the new body kit includes first.

Techart says the aero package is inspired by motorsport and consists of components such as front spoiler lip and spoiler trims, front fenders (15 mm wider than the standard fenders), wheel arch extenders, side skirts, and lower rear apron panel. All these parts are made of carbon fiber and replace the respective factory components without the need for drilling. 

Gallery: Porsche 911 GT3 by Techart

Probably the most notable addition is the new carbon rear spoiler with Techart lettering integrated into the structure. It has a distinctive design with larger wing end plates expanded in the driving direction. Despite the aggressive look, Techart says, the wing doesn’t affect the aerodynamic balance of the production vehicle.

Another upgrade for the 911 GT3 – in both standard form or with the Touring package – comes in the form of a new stainless steel exhaust system. There’s a valve in the pipes controlled via a button, which opens up “a sound festival” when activated. The tuning firm also says the new pipe finishers further underline the sporty character of the 911 GT3.

If you are going to take your 911 GT3 to the track, Techart can offer you improved safety with its FIA-homologated interior parts. These include a roll bar calculated and constructed meeting FIA’s regulations, which is available in matt black or paint-ready. There’s also a six-point safety belt sold in black, red, green, or yellow depending on the customer’s taste. Last but not least, there’s a selection of new upholsteries and a Techart sports steering wheel.

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