Revealing images of the 2016 Skoda Roomster have surfaced the web, but the model has officially been dropped before actually hitting the market.

It looks exactly as you would expect as this is basically a 2015 VW Caddy with Skoda’s corporate grille and different graphics for the headlights and taillights. According to reports coming from Czech Republic, Skoda actually started production of the Roomster before VW pulled the plug. It seems 100 units were assembled and these were supposed to be sold locally, likely with some going to dealerships.

That won’t happen as VAG has decided to cancel the new Roomster in order to focus on crossovers and SUVs. This has to do with the ongoing Dieselgate as the German automotive conglomerate has decided to save money by cancelling some models that are not entirely necessary. The Roomster was not exactly a priority for the company which is why it’s now dead.

Crossovers/SUVs are more important for Skoda because such models have far greater potential to generate substantial profits, unlike the Roomster. That is why the Czech brand is now putting the finishing touches on a Tiguan-based model that will be launched next year with both five- and seven-seat arrangements. Skoda is also working on some “surprises” for 2016 and we believe one of them is going to be the facelifted Octavia, the company’s most important model on sale.

Source: Lukáš Mareš via

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