The German aftermarket specialists at POSAIDON have managed to thoroughly upgrade the Mercedes A45 Edition 1.

On the outside it looks pretty much like a stock A45 AMG, but hiding underneath the familiar skin is a true beast with a lot of extra power. This is in fact the pre-facelift model as the Edition 1 was available only during the first 12 months of the A45’s production.

It still has the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, but POSAIDON has extracted no less than 485 horsepower and an electronically-limited 410 pound-feet of torque. This was possible by upgrading the turbocharger and optimizing the air intake, while the cooling and gearbox also required some work to handle all the power.

As a result of the added punch, the A45 AMG Edition 1 is now capable of reaching a top speed of 193 miles per hour (310 kilometers per hour). There’s no word about the 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) performance, but it could be around the four-second mark. We are making this estimation taking into account the facelifted 381-hp A45 needs 4.2 seconds before it tops out at a limited 168 mph (270 kph) when fitted with the optional AMG Driver’s Package.

A stronger engine requires additional stopping power which is why POSAIDON is willing to upgrade the original braking system or install its own custom kit. The tuner can also deactivate the start/stop system if you consider it’s annoying and don’t really care about that extra mpg it brings during city driving.

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