Mercedes is getting into the holiday spirit by releasing a new sleigh configurator that enables users to create the ultimate ride for Santa Claus.

Visitors will be able to select between three different body styles including a Silver Arrow, a G-Class, and an F 015.  From there, users will be presented a choice of several Christmas themed colors such as Reindeer Nose red, Pine Needle green, and Silent Night black. Once that step has been completed, visitors can select between three different types of "runners" including Avant-garde, AMG, and Exclusive.

The sleigh can also be customized with an assortment of drive options including 4MATIC (reindeer), hybrid (horses and reindeer), and AMG (steroid infused reindeer with red glowing eyes).

Last but not least, the sleigh can be equipped with several different options including a safety package plus (a guardian angel), a navigation system (a shooting star), and an intelligent light system (a gnome with a flashlight).

When the configuration is complete, visitors can post their sleigh to popular social media websites or text it to friends and family.

Source: Mercedes via Car & Driver

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