We're anxiously awaiting the launch of the revamped Top Gear and a new report is suggesting the show will have an assortment of familiar faces.

According to The Telegraph, host Chris Evans will be joined by German racing driver and former TV personality Sabine Schmitz.  If the name sounds familiar, it should as Schmitz has previously appeared in a handful of Top Gear episodes where she squared off against Jeremy Clarkson.

Automotive journalist Chris Harris is also said to be joining the cast and he would bring a wealth of experience as he has previously appeared on Drive and the Chris Harris on Cars YouTube series.  He has also written for a number of publications including Autocar, EVO, and Jalopnik.

Interestingly, rumors suggest there will also be another co-presenter. This would be a break from the previous show but we're sure fans would welcome the addition of former Formula One driver David Coulthard.

The first episode of the revamped Top Gear will air on Sunday, May 8th.  There will reportedly be 16 episodes in the upcoming season but it remains unclear whether the show can maintain its massive following from the Clarkson, Hammond and May era.

Source: The Telegraph via Jalopnik

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